The 6 Best Reasons To Use A Content Writing Service

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For those who don’t already know, content outsourcing refers to having someone outside of your business create content for you. Who you outsource your content to can be an individual freelance writer or a content writing service/ agency like ourselves. Generally, the outsourced content will be used for SEO and content marketing.

The top three benefits of hiring a content writing service include:

  1. Increase Your Conversion Rates
  2. Improve Your Search Engine Rankings
  3. Leverage Authentic Content to Become an Authority in Your Industry

Outsourced content can range from product descriptions and articles to landing pages for new product launches. Some agencies even offer content services for videos, podcasts, and eBooks.

The bottom line is this: Whatever kind of content you need, you can outsource it and improve your brand positioning.

Why You Should Outsource Your Content Writing

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#1 Increase Productivity

Outsourcing your content writing needs can be extremely beneficial when your staff is swamped with work and you can’t afford to hire a dedicated writer. Writing a brief 1,000-word blog article may seem simple enough but can take hours out of the day to research, draft, and edit even before it’s ready to publish.

No matter what your industry, placing the responsibility of writing your blog on an employee with other duties is counterproductive. Delegating extra work to employees decreases overall productivity whereas having a content writing agency allows you to be twice as productive for a fraction of the cost.

#2 Keep Costs Down

Maintaining a staff of writers can affect your bottom line in more ways than one. Aside from the salaries, which you’ll have to pay whether or not you have consistent projects for them to work on, there’s the cost of providing them with office space and equipment (i.e. computers, software, and editing tools). In some cases, you’ll also have to cover the cost of benefits packages.

While costs associated with hiring freelancers as needed are different from hiring an in-house team, they should still be considered. The responsibility of finding and recruiting freelancers will most likely fall to a current employee already familiar with the project requirements. Meaning a valued employee will need to take time away from their primary job tasks to find and manage a freelance writer.

When you compare total costs, outsourcing your content needs to an agency is the least expensive option. Pay for only what you need while saving on taxes, benefits, and social security. 

#3 Speed of Delivery

Content writing agencies offer a quick turnaround time for projects and are often available on-demand. This can come in handy when you need well-written content ASAP. Building a relationship with a content writing service can help save time when you’ve got a project with a short deadline.

Because most agencies work with a team of writers, often located in different time zones, they can produce creative content while you focus on more important tasks. They operate under strict deadlines so you’ll never have to wonder how long until the project is complete.

#4 Reliability

Working with freelancers comes with a long list of challenges, from having computer issues to getting sick to bailing on a project for a better (i.e. higher paying) opportunity. Outsourcing agencies provide a consistent level of service, even offering multiple revisions until your content is just right.

This isn’t to say that writers who work for content writing services don’t get sick or have technical difficulties, but if they do it doesn’t affect your workflow. The agency can simply shift the project to another available writer who has already been vetted. Outsourcing your content allows you to increase your digital presence by publishing high-quality content regularly.

#5 Flexibility

Even if your business is large enough to demand an in-house writing staff there are still drawbacks to pursuing this strategy. Having a full-time writer or writing staff limits the flexibility of your content needs over time. 

There are times when you may need a lot of content quickly and other times when you hardly need anything at all. With a full-time writing staff, you’re paying for their time either way. And if the quality of their writing stalls or declines, it can take a lot of time (and money) to find and bring someone new up to speed.

Working with a content agency allows you to pay for only what you need and have access to an expanded team when you need a lot done in a little amount of time. This strategy also allows you to work with writers who have a variety of tones, voices, and expertise in their writing. 

#6 Writing Isn’t Your Strong Suit

If you’ve read through the first five reasons and are still on the fence, think about this – are you a good writer? We don’t mean, are you a good business/ legal/ technical writer? Because that’s a slightly different skillset, mainly that it’s narrowly focused.

Good writers can write well about a variety of topics. They can research well and write articles supported by facts (when necessary). They can vary the tone, voice, and perspective depending on the project requirements. And they can stick to deadlines because their focus isn’t on other business tasks.

As a business owner, your time is better spent focusing on running your business. Outsourcing your content allows for a fresh perspective and expert skill set while protecting your bottom line.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you know that writing content isn’t your strong suit but you want to publish website content that actually converts, we’re here to help. Hiring a content writing agency like Word Brokers allows you to post high-quality content from talented writers without reducing your in-house productivity. 

Let us make life a little bit easier by helping you with landing pages, blog articles, product descriptions, and whatever kind of content you need to increase your brand awareness and conversion rate.

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Contact us about our content writing and SEO services today. A customer relations specialist will get back to you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have.

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