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Need New Blogs? Our Blog Services can Help.

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Chances are if you own a website you know the importance of constantly having fresh material on your site. But, like many business owners, big or small, you’re likely being pulled in 1,000 directions already. That’s where our blog services come in.

Posting on your blog regularly can seem like a daunting task for many. According to a recent client survey, the top reasons people are reluctant to update their blog include;

  1. Don’t realize the potential return on investment
  2. Have no idea where to begin
  3. Hate writing and/or research
  4. Run out of topics too quickly
  5. Don’t have time

Sound like you? If so, it may be time to look into outsourcing your blog writing.

blogging generates more visits

While Google likes you to update your site often, you may not be so inclined. Whether you simply don’t have time to maintain a blog or hate the writing and research involved, we’re here to help.

What Makes a Quality Blog Post?

reading blog servicesYes. Google is happy when you post blogs often. But, it’s not just the quantity that Google cares about.

According to Hubspot research, companies that hire blog services to create 16 blogs per month reported seeing four times the amount of traffic to their website than those that only posted 4 x a month.

That’s great but, the fact is, more isn’t necessarily always better.

Sure, you can slap a few sentences about this or that on a daily basis but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll rank higher in Google searches… or rank higher with your customer base.

Having a successful blog entails an equal proportion of quantity and quality.

Let’s take a look at what goes into creating a blog post that keeps your readers interested, and gets you ranking higher in the Google SERP.

  • Provides value to the reader. Does your blog post help answer a question for a reader, like in this blog post we wrote entitled “Top 20 Entry Level Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere?
  • Grammatically correct and error free. Does your blog content pass important editing sites like Grammarly, Hemmingway, and Copyscape with flying colors like our copywriting services?
  • Addresses the reader in a fun, engaging way. Are your posts written in a conversational yet, informative tone?’
  • Sited with high-authority sources. Are you using authoritative sites to backlink on your site like in this article we wrote on The Best Cooling Pillows Buyers’ Guide.
  • SEO keyword optimized.  Are you ranking on the first page of Google like this article we wrote on ‘Yoga for Sleep Apnea?’
  • Broken up with bullets, photos, and infographs. Do your blog posts provide optimal readability with short, informative sentences like this article we wrote on ‘The Best Anti-Snoring Devices?’

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, it might be time to hire someone to take over your blog copywriting services.

Benefits of Using our Blog Services

our blog servicesWithout a blog on your website, the chances of someone finding you organically are slim. Each blog post you create means more pages of your website are indexed in search engines.

That means (you guessed it), more organic traffic to your website. And more views means more potential customers.

Every blog post you create also allows you to incorporate high-quality SEO keywords. Keyword optimized articles also significantly increase your chances of being found in search engines.

Of course, you don’t want to overstuff your blog posts either. Blog services know the perfect sweet-spot for adding keywords into your articles that make Google happy without alienating your readers.

How We Can Help

All of our writers and editors are well-versed in creating actionable blog posts just for you. Each member of our staff is highly trained to provide you with well-written, error-free, posts that provide value to your customer base.

Have an exact outline you’d like followed? No problem.

Do you have a title and nothing else? Not a problem.

Are you unsure where to begin completely? We’re here to help.

Whether you’d like to stay a part of the creation process or would prefer us to take over the reins completely, you’re in good hands.

We have a fantastic team of SEO gurus that can research keywords for you and writers that know when and where to place them throughout your blog posts.

Learn more about the vetting process to join Our Team here.

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to take your niche website or eCommerce store to the next level? Contact us today about our content writing and SEO services, we’d be happy to help you out.

Message us today and a friendly customer relations representative will contact you about our blog services within 24 hours.

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