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Product Description Writing for Your eCommerce Stores

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Good product description writing can be the difference between making a sale and not. While a suppliers description may have all the information a buyer needs to make a final decision such as good photos, and accurate info, a quality product description will give them something extra.

Many sellers think they can slap an item up for sale without putting any research or effort into creating a description that will draw the buyer in.

If you have a great product and an e-commerce site but aren’t seeing the results you want, it may be time to consider investing in SEO product descriptions.

Quality Product Description Writing is our Specialty 

product description writingThere are a lot of factors that go into writing SEO product descriptions. Before you can even begin to write a description for your item, you’ll need to spend some time researching high-ranking keywords.

Once that’s done, you can start highlighting the attributes of your product that will convert a potential buyer into a customer.

High-quality SEO product description writing will have several key elements. Ask yourself the following questions about your listings to determine what they’re missing.

  • Does your description draw the buyer in from the get-go? Good product description writing will have a killer intro that gets your buyer’s interest immediately.
  • Does it highlight the problem it solves? Every item solves a problem. It’s up to you to decide what that is whether it’s a toy occupying a child for a moment or a pair of earrings that can easily transform from day to nightwear.
  • Does your product description writing help a buyer visualize owning your item? Using words and phrases like ‘imagine yourself’ and ‘picture yourself’ help create an image inside the shoppers head.
  • Are the specifications of your item easy to find? Customers won’t want to spend time trying to decide if a microwave will fit on their countertop, or if a sweater is dry-clean only. If someone can’t find that information quickly, they’ll likely go with an alternative option- ie, your competition.
  • Does your product description writing alleviate guilt?  Reiterating the value of your item for the shopper before closing the description can be a huge deciding factor for your buyer.
  • Is there a clear call to action? Now that they know they want it, tell the customer how easy it is for them to own your item.

Touching on each of these points at least once throughout your SEO product descriptions can make the difference between twiddling your thumbs and packing orders.

Benefits of Good Product Description Writing

A product description is how a customer learns about your item. As we mentioned above, quality SEO product descriptions will draw a buyer in and make them feel good about the purchase they’re about to make.

So how else is quality product description writing beneficial?

There are a lot of behind-the-scenes factors that contribute to a good product description as well. For example;

  • Quality product description writing can help drive organic traffic to your store through keyword optimization.
  • The longer a shopper is browsing through your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase. This is exactly why a description that engages the reader is valuable.
  • Customers will have the opportunity to link to social media sites. As you know, the more shares, likes, and follows your brand gets the better.

If you’re interested in upping your game when it comes to product description writing, but either don’t know where to begin or simply don’t have time, we’re here to help.

How We Can Help

Before we begin to write your SEO product descriptions, we take the time to fully understand your product. We’ll learn the ins and outs of how it works and what it is to determine what value it offers your customer base.

We know what sells. Every product description we create for you will have the following qualities.

  • Clear, concise sentences and paragraphs.
  • Easy to read item specifications.
  • Keywords optimized for Google SERP and Store.
  • A powerful call to action.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a top-notch service. We understand opting to outsource product description writing can cut into your bottom line which is why we are committed to giving you a quality product description that will give you the best return on your investment possible.

Let’s Get Started with Your SEO Product Descriptions

Are you ready to turn that dull description into something that sets you apart from your competition? We’ll be happy to give you a quality product description that really makes your item shine.

Contact us today for a consult on how our SEO & content writing services can help you with your online store. A friendly customer relations representative will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the details of your project.

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