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Text to Audio Services – Improve Visitor Experience and SEO

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Let’s face it. The way people use the internet is ever-changing, so as website owners, we need to be changing, too. Based on current and projected statistics, text to audio isn’t just the next fad. It’s here to stay. And you can get an edge-up by adding premium audio content to your blogs.

Word Brokers, LLC can help you get a jump-start on your competition by improving visitor experiences, boosting SEO, and reaching a wider audience with our text to audio services.

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Audio Content is Trending Up, Up, Up

With the rise of podcasts, audiobooks, and voice-powered search engines, there is a whole new demographic of people who prefer to consume their content with their ear holes, as opposed to their eyeballs. 

Are you catering to this demographic? If not, you should be. Let’s take a look at some stats and see why1:

  • On average, returning blog readers spend 30 seconds on page while returning blog listeners spend 322 seconds.
  • As opposed to blog readers, blog listeners are nearly 20% more likely to visit other pages on your site.
  • Blog listeners are 32% more likely to engage in multiple sessions than blog readers.
  • First-time visitors who don’t engage with audio spend an average of 2 seconds on page, as opposed to first-time visitors who engage with audio who spend an average of 225 seconds on page.

Why do Some People Prefer to Listen to Content?

There are a number of reasons people prefer to listen to and not read blog content, including:

  • They’re trying to reduce screen time.
  • Listening is a better use of their time than reading.2
  • The ability to multi-task.
  • They’re able to process info more efficiently.3

Regardless of why these millions of blog visitors prefer to listen than read, the fact is that they do. And if you’re not catering to what they want, they’ll move on to a blog that is.

Transforming Your Written Content into Audio Offers Numerous Benefits

Aside from attracting visitors who prefer to listen to content as opposed to reading it, there are other benefits to converting written content into audio content.

  • Benefits to the Blog Owner – Reach a wider audience, improve user engagement, increase visitors’ time on site, provide more value to visitors, stand out from your competitors, and offer premium content.
  • Benefits to the Blog Visitor – Convenience, flexibility, ability to consume content on-the-go, ability to multi-task, improved content retention, accessibility for the visually impaired.
  • Benefits for SEO – Lowers bounce rates, the addition of rich media, improved user experience, and higher CTR.

How Our Text to Audio Services Work

We offer our first text to audio conversion, up to 5000 words, for free. 

We will take your written content, and convert it into an MP3 audio file with a human-sounding voice. There will be some slight editing from the written content, but only so that it sounds more like a human reading the article than a machine. 

You can either host the audio file yourself, or we can host it for you. We’ll send you the code to easily embed the audio into your blog. Viola – you’ve just offered your readers a service that your competitors haven’t.

Contact us Today about our Text to Audio Services

Are you ready to start offering your visitors an audio version of your blogs? Text to audio is the next “big thing” that’s here to stay. Let Word Brokers, LLC take your site to the next level so you can stay ahead of the curve… and your competition. Order a free sample today and see what we can do for you!

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